About LiveGrades & Citynet

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About Citynet

Citynet Cares

Citynet is a growing, regional, full-service provider of telecommunications services and business technology solutions.

We offer a range of services designed to maximize the return on IT investment and minimize the hassles involved with using and managing technology - allowing organizations to focus on their core operations.

Citynet specializes in single source, high speed communications services. Our core products include feature-rich digital phone service, high-speed Internet, data services, comprehensive network managed services, remote data backup, web site design and web development, including mobile applications.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering live, award-winning support from highly trained and certified customer support professionals, 24-hours a day/365 days a year out of our corporate headquarters.

In addition to our corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Citynet also has offices in Charleston and Morgantown, West Virginia; Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About LiveGrades

LiveGrades.com is an online student grading system that Citynet has developed to meet the specific needs of West Virginia school systems.

Not only does the system have advanced grade-tracking capabilities as the name implies, it also includes a message center, seating charts, attendance module, discipline module, reports, and document data locker system.

The goals of this product are to provide school districts with a system that offers administrative functionality, reporting, and organization wide settings, allow teachers to quickly and easily manage grades, as well as provide students and parents with the ability to access grades, assignments, key information, and effective communication all in one place. The LiveGrades program has been adopted by many school districts such as Barbour, Hardy, Harrison, Jefferson, Lincoln, Pleasant, Ritchie, WV Office of Institutional Education (9 schools), counties and private schools such as Emmanuel Christian, Calvary Baptist, Morgantown Christian Academy , just to name a few.

From the beginning the LiveGrades.com system stood apart from other online grading programs. LiveGrades is a completely web-based program which enables the user to access it wherever there is an Internet connection available and it doesn't require any software downloads.

Ben Randolph, Vice President of Citynet Field Services, who has been managing the product from its infancy, says that from the start,

"the software was designed alongside teachers, by teachers. We listen to what they need and react quickly. No other competitor bends their ear the way we do."
This, along with countless focus groups and continued feedback from teachers, administrators, parents, and students allow Citynet to keep the program up-to-date and meet the changing needs of the school systems.

During the development stages of the system, Citynet partnered with the Harrison County School System. Jan Frenzel, who was hired by Harrison County as one of two "technology teachers" in 1986 and worked her way up to being the county webmaster during the initial stages of the program, explains that she had several meetings with developers and piloted a group of teachers during the Beta phases of LiveGrades. After that, LiveGrades became her "pet project", and she worked closely with the Citynet team to make sure that it was truly a program developed by teachers for teachers, parents, and students, and that it continued to meet the needs of the educational environment.

Frenzel recently retired with over 30 years experience from Harrison County but, due to her strong belief in the LiveGrades program, joined the Citynet team as the LiveGrades Administrator. Frenzel says,

"I hope to spread the word to other West Virginia counties about what a wonderful program this is and attesting to my own experiences as a teacher who used it daily, and as one who has worked with many other schools as they implemented the program."
Frenzel is not the only person to express her praise for Citynet's LiveGrades program. Beckie Alvaro, who is a science teacher at Bridgeport Middle School, says that

"LiveGrades is user friendly, has a nice package of reports for teacher and parent use, and is web based so I can access it anywhere. I like the message center because it offers a closed community system between school, student, and parent."
Other teachers such as Libby Jarom, a TIS with Harrison County Schools, raves about the ability to customize the settings to the teacher's preferences and its efficiency by explaining that she likes "the fact that if you use it, and progress reports are due mid nine weeks, you can automatically average grades at that time and print out a report to go with students."

In 2012, as a way of giving back to the communities it which it serves, Citynet, decided to offer the LiveGrades program to any West Virginia school for free.

The LiveGrades program, backed with Citynet's unmatched dedication to its customers and the success of the technology it produces makes it a top contender in the world of education technology. "Its success is still growing and reaching new places," Randolph explains and says that "if your school system isn't using LiveGrades, you should ask why."

To learn more about getting LiveGrades in your school, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 800.881.2638.