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LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools
Live, Instant Access to Grades

One of the most significant benefits of the LiveGrades system is the interface for Students and Parents to access grades instantly online. It is the mission of the LiveGrades product to not only simplify grading for teachers, but, also to improve communication between teachers and students/parents. By making grades available online, students/parents are empowered to monitor their progress closely, and utilize this information to focus efforts to improve their performance within class.

Easy to Use Interface

Within any given school, there will be parents and students from every walk of life. Some may be highly technically savvy, while others may have had little exposure to new technology. The LiveGrades student/parent interface was designed to be straight forward and easy to use. Once a parent account has been established, they simply log in and click on their student to instantly see a list of all their grades. They can then simply click onto a class to see the details, and continue to drill down to get detailed information. The interface avoids excess information and confusing content to allow parents to get straight to what they are looking for – grades.

LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools

LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools
Access from Anywhere

As a web based system, the parent/student interface is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Parents can easily access the information from home (even on slower connections), from work, or even from public places providing internet access (libraries, etc.). The online system also allows parents to check on their students progress whenever is most convenient for them, anytime day or night.

One Login for Parents

As LiveGrades is designed for organization wide use, all students within the same organization can be accessed from a single parent account. Upon a parent's first visit to, they can establish a user profile with their basic information (name, email address, etc.). With this account, they can use the student access key provided by the school to associate a student to their account. If they have multiple children, even in different schools, they can simply enter the student's access key into their profile to associate any number of students to their account. A parent will only have to establish this account and associate students once. Parents will be able to continue to log in using this same account to view their students grades year after year.

LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools

LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools
Separate Login for Students versus Parents

While the content being seen by parents and students is very similar, LiveGrades is setup to allow different accounts for the students and their parents. Parents may associate multiple students to their accounts, however, the student can only see their own information when they access the system. This also allows messages from teachers to be customized to either the students or the parents.

Full Archival of Grades

LiveGrades empowers parents, students, and teachers through the availability of grades throughout the course of a class. This information doesn't go away, though, it is archived and kept available indefinitely. This allows parents and students to quickly jump back to previous years to see their grades in classes they've already completed. This enables parents to trend their student's performance over time to identify weak areas. If a child begins Elementary school in a school district that uses LiveGrades, that student and his parents will be able to access every grade the student has ever received all the way through high school graduation.

LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools

LiveGrades Parents & Students Tools
Message Center

As communication is the key to success, parents and students may access the message center to facilitate communication with the teachers. Teachers may send messages to individual students or parents, or may send messages to their entire classes (students and/or parents). Students/Parents are able to access any messages they have received, and can reply back to the teachers through the message center. They may also create new messages to send to any of their teachers. School or organization wide messages may also be sent through the Message Center to notify parents of events or other information.

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